Our guest author is Mr. Ram Jethmalani, a renowned lawyer, politician and lovable teacher. We are overwhelmed to receive such enlightening pieces of work from him.


As for us, we live in a period of increased inequality and decreased confidence in government’s effectiveness. There is growing recognition of the need to bridge the silos that structure public problem solving and to collaborate across traditional boundaries. The current generation of lawyers require the practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough problems and thrive.
There is a growing sense that law schools are preparing people for a set of professional roles that do not match the demands or needs of a changing society. We , thus through the
International Journal of Legal Sciences & Research strive to ensure that the legal fraternity works in consonance with their appropriate roles.
As rightly said by Cicero - " The precepts of the law are these : to live honestly, to injure no-one and to give everyone his due."
Law is nothing but the application of reason or common sense simpliciter. The tagline of the journal as written beneath the logo is thus 'dilargior res' which is the Latin equivalent of 'publishing reason'.
We, the team of International Journal of Legal Sciences & Research intend to bring about consciousness and recognition towards contemporary national & international issues in the global legal arena ,foster innovative research and discover groundbreaking solutions to the problems prevalent worldwide.
International Journal of Legal Sciences & Research is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks contributions from legal practitioners, scholars, judges, academicians, students from all over the globe.
Law is dynamic and so is the role of the legal community in examining critically and modifying the legal systems in the world to keep them aligned with the needs of the masses ensuring justice to one and all.